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Grandfather Clock

Grandfather Clock
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Quantifying time has been a preoccupation of mankind's since the beginning of... time. Four thousand years ago, the Chinese and the Egyptians told time by the shadow cast by the sun on a surrounding dial. Then came the water clock and, several centuries later, the hourglass. The latter timekeeping device did not actually indicate the time of day, but rather served to measure the passage of time. The first recorded examples of the mechanical clock: were found in the late 13th century. Invented by King Alphonso of Castile and Leon (two small Spanish kingdoms), the new instrument signaled a leap in the evolution of clockwork. It was a huge, bulky device with gearwheels set in motion by a descending weight. Its popularity was swift, and the sound of its chimes soon invaded all of Europe's major city centers. Alas, equipped with a single hand, it proved terribly inaccurate, often ending each day nearly one full hour ahead or behind. More than three centuries passed before the first minute hand appeared. Spurred by Galileo's findings on pendulum motion, Dutch physicist and astronomer Christian Huygens pioneered the use of the swinging device in clocks (1657) and gave the world the first accurate timekeeping mechanism.

The pendulum clock sparked a huge growth in clockmaking. By the end of the 17th century, clockmakers were manufacturing the so- called grandfather clocks. These tall cabinets were originally designed to hide the pendulums that had become too awkwardly heavy for wall- mounted clocks, but they soon became a very popular ornamental item. Grandfather clocks are generally 75 to 89 inches tall (190 to 226 cm). Your model is based on the clocks crafted in London. England, in 1889. Its classic construction features a water-etched dial bearing Roman numerals, as well as a glass door and a lovely brass pendulum. Imagine how impressive your grandfather clock will look in your home!


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