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History of Puzz 3d

In 1991 in Quebec, puzzles spread their wings and took off again... in an all-new, three-dimensional form. This was the brainchild of Paul Gallant, a French Canadian specializing in secondary product development, promotion and marketing. From the moment Gallant�s Puzz-3D® hit the store shelves, response was immediate and overwhelming.

In 2001 Wrebbit® was sold to Irwin Toy, when Irwin Toy filled for bankruptcy a year later Paul Gallant bought the company back and relaunched it in a reduced state.

In 2005 Wrebbit® was sold to Hasbro, and in 2006 the company was moved from Quebec to East Longmeadow, Massaschusetts.

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How Puzz 3D's are Made

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