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Ford Model T

Ford Model T
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Henry Ford, founder of one of the world's largest automobile companies, was horn on a Michigan farm in 1863. Ford's interest in cars manifested itself at an early age. At 17, he began work as an apprentice mechanic in a Detroit plant. In 1893, he became chief engineer of tile Edison Illuminating Company. Fascinated by internal combustion, Ford took to experimenting with one-cylinder fuel engines in his spare time. By 1896, he had built his first car, the Quadricycle. Three years later, he and some partners went on to found the Detroit Automobile Company. The endeavor ended in bankruptcy less than eighteen months later. But Henry Ford was anything but discouraged. On June 10, 1903 he created the Ford Motor Company.

Five years later, Ford introduced the Model T, the car that would revolutionize America and seed tile inventor's success. A 20- horsepower, 4-cylinder car featuring a semiautomatic transmission, the Ford Model T was by far the most convenient and affordable mass market automobile. Sturdy, reliable and fast, the car proved ideal for farmers and urbanites alike. The basic model was precisely that basic Speedometer, windshield wipers and side doors were "optional" features. Model T owners were, therefore, free to personalize their vehicles to their liking. The car created an immediate sensation, selling more than 10,000 in 1909 alone. To keep up with demand, in 1913 Ford implemented the assembly-line system, a technique that would redefine the modern world's industrial landscape. Production rose from 78,440 units in 1912 to 300,000 in 1914. The innovative method of mass production enabled workers to assemble Model Ts in a fraction of tile time required previously, ultimately making cars even more affordable to middle-class consumers.


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