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Fisherman's Cove - New England Fishing Village

Fisherman's Cove - New England Fishing Village
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With its splendid forests of pine and oak, its undulating mountains and valleys, unspoiled coastlines, vast sandy beaches, fishing ports and charming little villages, New England offers scenes of unflagging beauty. From north to south, this region consists of Maine, Vermont, Massachusetts, Rhode Island and Connecticut. Every year, New England attracts crowds of tourists that happily immerse themselves in the atmosphere that is a part of the docks of these picturesque fishing villages. The light reflecting on the ocean, cliffs and vividly coloured boats and hangars continually transform the panorama to the delight of amateur and professional photographers alike.

Even though this area has turned toward tourism, it was once a Mecca for the fishing trade. From the middle of the 17th century, the settlers started doing business with Europe as the waters off Cape Cod were literally swarming with fish. The fishing industry expanded and more and more shipyards could been seen emerging along Maine s shores. The discovery of the sperm whale in the 18th century required bigger and stronger boars in order to undertake long sea voyages. The cetacean hunt took off like lightning and between 1740 and 1840 Nantucket Island became the world's largest whaling centre. Todav however, we no longer hunt these majestic mammals, we pursue them only to take their pictures Tourists can track the migration of whales by participating in one of man v observation cruises that are offered. New England s coast is an absolute paradise for tourists with its exciting activities and enchanting landscapes.


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