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F-117A Stealth Fighter

F-117A Stealth Fighter
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The F-117A stealth lighter is among the most fascinating examples of aerospace technology in recent History. Developed by the American Manufacturer Lockhead, much about the aircraft's program remains classified. Its shape and the materials used to build it are among the stealth technology features designed to elude enemy detection and tracking systems. Each aircraft component has been meticulously studied to render the F-11 7 A's signal virtually imperceptible. The coating of the aircraft, know as Radar Absorbing material or RAM, absorbs radar signals. The shape of the aircraft itself causes radar signals to be deflected. The fighter's first flight occurred in June 1981. The aircraft became fully operational in 1983. Lockhead produced the F-I 17A fighters for the US armed forces until 1990. At present, the United States has, a fleet of ,52 stealth fighters, each worth around million.

Your model is a faithful rendition of the actual stealth fighter, also known as the źNighthawk╗ for its predilection for nighttime, attacks. This supersonic bomber plane is 66 feet long (20 m) and it has a wing span of 43 feet (13 m). Engines placed deep within the wings and fuselage of the aircraft may be arranged to mask the signals emitted from the turbo-reactor's blades. The engine housing also mixes cool air mid the exhaust to decrease the plane's omission of infrared radiation. The F-117 A weighs 52,093 pounds (23,625 kg). Its internal weapons bay can carry up to two tons, usually laser guided bombs.


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