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Dracula's Castle

Dracula's Castle
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The Carpathian Mountains, which dominate Transylvania, is a mysterious and uninhabited region. This is a land populated by vampires; menacing shadows that lurk behind the fir trees outlining the mountain road. The forest is covered in a swirling, white fog. The only sound to break through this quiet, dark night is the echo of howling wolves. All of a sudden, hundreds of bats whip the air with the frenzy of their wings, then lift up into the black sky to meet at the summit of a steep cliff. Up here shadowed by the moon, your host, Count Dracula, impatiently awaits you in the jagged silhouette of a mysterious castle.

Created in 1897 by Bram Stoker, Dracula Prince of Vampires, was inspired by legends of the Magyar, Romanian, Slovak and Tzigane people, who recounted rich superstitions related to vampires. The infamous Dracula did indeed have a real ancestor: The Prince of Valachie, Vlad III the Impaler, a man of horrendous cruelty who terrorised actual XVth century Romania. In as Vlad's father's name was Dracul, his son was named Dracula, son of Dracul. This bloodthirsty, vile, individual inspired Bram Stoker's legendary vampire that we know today. To recreate Dracula's Castle, Puzz 3Dİ drew their inspiration from the largest fortress in Romania: Hunedoara Castle. A gloomy gothic citadel, where Vlad the Impaler (Dracula) once resided.

The tour that will make your blood run cold!

Fascinated by the legend of the famous vampire, daring thrill- seekers come to visit the castle. A shiver goes up their spines once they come through the creaking doorway. Showing no fear, they breathlessly make their way into the interior of the sinister, dark castle. In a corner, a heavy door leads to a spiral staircase that goes down to the dungeon where footsteps and the scraping of chains can be heard. Panic takes over and they are engulfed in an obscure, secret passageway. An immense black veil envelops one of the visitors. Claw-like nails seize him by the neck. Dracula, the Prince of Darkness, parts his lips and reveals his pointy, gleaming- white.


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