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Chrysler Building Glow in Dark (Towers to Scale)

Chrysler Building Glow in Dark <Small>(Towers to Scale)</small>
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This magnificent skyscraper is one of the most remarkable ever built in New York. Erected in hono9ur of the automobile, the 317 meter (1,040 foot) Chrysler Building will impress you with its Art Deco style. Situated at 405 Lexington Avenue and 42nd street, this flamboyant building constitutes architect, William van Alen�s most spectacular creation. At the request of Walter Percy Chrysler, the famous automobile magnate, Van Alen built a modern yet imposing skyscraper; its style is witness to the superiority, robustness and power of the Chrysler automobile. The extravagant roof covered with <> metal has shiny ribbed, metal arches and triangular windows peeking through so it bears a resemblance to an automobile radiator. This steel, nickel and chrome alloy was selected and used for the first time because of its quality and ability to reflect sunlight as would the cassis of a gleaming car.

Walter Chrysler enjoyed an unobstructed view of the New York City from the luxurious two-story suite especially installed for him at the top of the building. Downstairs from his suite was the Cloud Club, a privileged meeting place for the influential representatives of American industry. A little lower at the neck of the building, there are eight stylized eagle heads, which resemble the hood ornament from a 1929 Plymouth Chrysler. The windowless 30th floor, which shelters technical equipment, is beautifully attired with bicolor, brick frieze that bring the mind wheels with metal hubcaps and mudguards. At this same level, the corners of the building are adorned with immense Chrysler radiator caps, which were inspired by Mercury�s winged helmet.


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