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Bluebird Bungalow

Bluebird Bungalow
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Eastern Bluebirds are charming little songbirds that breed in the eastern half of North America, from Canada down to Mexico. Despite a population that has been steadily shrinking over recent decades, you can still watch them in their favorite open habitats, namely: sparsely-wooded forests, wood edges, orchards, agricultural areas and yes, even in your average backyard. As they fly from branch to branch, the birds make short, low-pitched melodious warbling sounds. Calm and not easily frightened, Eastern Bluebirds make for pleasant company. The plumage of the male is deep sky-blue, and its breast is reddish-brown. The female is smaller and less brightly colored - - features that render her less conspicuous when brooding. Eastern Bluebirds are about 7 in. long (18 cm).

The male is in charge of locating the ideal nesting spot, but the female has the final say. Eastern Bluebirds prefer to build their nests in tree holes, abandoned woodpecker nests, or nest boxes built especially for them. The female generally requires four to five days to build a nest, using twigs, grass, hair and dry leaves. When the time comes, she lays four to six light-blue colored eggs and broods for 13 to 15 days. The male sometimes brings her food and helps with the brooding. Once born, the baby birds learn to fly after about 19 days. Their first flight can take them as far as 328 feet (approximately 100 m ). Once the baby birds are ready to leave the nest, Mr. and Mrs. Bluebird start preparing for a second brood. There are two egg-laying cycles per season in the north and four cycles in the southeastern U.S. You too could witness this wonderful event by hanging a nest box in your own backyard.

Birdhouse for let.
Faced with a shrinking number of open habitats and nesting sites, the Eastern Bluebird population has declined sharply in the last decades. But the trend is being reversed thanks to the growing popularity of nest boxes and nest box trails. To hear the melodious sounds of this colorful songbird, simply hang a little birdhouse 6.5 feet from the ground (2 m) in a quiet corner of your backyard. Make sure the birdhouse floor is 5 x 5 in. (13 x 13 cm), and the entrance hole 1.5 in. (38 mm). If you build it, they will come. So, be patient.


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