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Pirate Ship

Pirate Ship
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Lying in wait in a cove along the coast of Tortuga Island, the pirates impatiently await their next prey. After having exhausted their fortune in Nassau, where they had stopped for some rest and relaxation, they were forced to leave their hideaway and go back to sea to replenish their coffers. Although pirates are outlaws and brigands, the governors of many small Caribbean islands often allow them to find shelter in their ports in exchange for part of the stolen booty. From his observation post at the top of the mast, an eagle-eyed sailor scans the sea. "Ship ahoy!" Obeying the Captain's orders and relying only on their courage, the men nimbly hoist the sails and prepare to board. Although battles are sometimes bloody, most often they end with the enemy ship surrendering immediately. Pirates' reputations alone are enough to crush any attempt at resistance. The loyalty of sailors to the rich merchant who employs them doesn't count for much when they spy the pirates' emblem: the Jolly Rodger. Moreover, it is not rare for a captured crew to join the ranks of the pirates, hoping that they will be better treated, free and perhaps get rich. For, within this strange brotherhood of nobles, ex- convicts, beggars and fleeing slaves, all are equal. Each is entitled to his fair share of the gains. They live dangerously and most end up with a rope around their neck. But, in the meantime, everything seems worth the risk. So, too bad for those who resist: let them be thrown to the sharks!


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