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Zebra and Baby

Zebra and Baby
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The sun makes its languid rise over the African savannah. Time to wash up. Zaeli licks clean her colt's black-and-white striped coat. Her own coat looks very much like her colt's, Zazouk's, but it is not altogether identical. No two zebras' stripe patterns are alike. Zazouk can easily spot his mother, even when galloping among a herd of zebras. He does not need to actually see her. He just follows her scent - and he never gets lost.

- "Hello Lankia, our giraffe friend!"

Zebras love the company of giraffes, often mixing with them to graze among the swaying grasslands or to feast on acacia shrubs and trees. Thanks to their towering necks, giraffes can spot danger more quickly. If an enemy on the prowl approaches, they sound the alarm so the herd can escape. Zebras are hard to catch. They can run at speeds equal to that of a car on the highway. Colts are swift, too. Zazouk learned to gallop as a foal, merely hours after his, birth. Zazouk can also conceal himself from the enemy by hiding behind bushes, his stripes and colors blending right in with the surrounding thicket. Zazouk remains completely still until his mother signals there is no more danger.

Once calm is restored, the zebras take to the marsh for a frolicsome swim. And like their friends, the elephants, they then roll in the dust to protect their skin from insects, heat and wind.

Once the our sets behind the hills, our young, striped, horse- like friends settle down to dream about more adventures in brush country.


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