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Elephant and Baby

Elephant and Baby
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Giraffes and zebras line the brook's perimeter either side for a drink of water. suddenly, the peaceful sound of the trickling water is broken by a boisterous ruckus. Clouds of dust rise from beyond the hills.

- "The elephants are coming," cries out Lankia the giraffe.

Elephants love to travel. They have no home and are always on the move. Besides, they eat so much that they must trek constantly to find food. No wonder elephants are the largest living land mammals in the world. They can weigh up to seven tons - that's as much as five giraffes.

The herd nears. The grandmother leads the way. Her daughters are next. Trailing are the baby elephants with their trunks twist-tied around the tail of the one before them so they don't get loot. When a baby elephant gets tired, the mother carries it on her tusks. Elephants never forget the way to places where food is aplenty. Their memory is exceptional. They can also smell and hear remarkably well thanks to their long trunk and large fan-shaped ears. They can recognize the subtle scents of ripe mangos or fresh grown reed from far away. Though their eyesight is poor, elephants always manage, to reach their destination.

Emma Mafafa is pleased to make the acquaintance of Lankia the giraffe and Zaeli, a female zebra she greets them both with a wave of her trunk.

- "ThiS is Edoumboa," she says as she introduces her daughter.

Edoumboa is shy and tries to hide between her mother's giant legs. A young male zebra, Zazouk, eventually persuades Edoumboa to join him in the water. Elephants adore swimming. Together, they splish and splash as Zirafah, Lankia's baby giraffe, watches in utter amusement.

- "Why don't you come join us?," asks Edoumboa.
- `'Because giraffes can't swim," mutters Zirafah.

Edoumboa, obviously no longer shy, fills her trunk with water and sprays Zirafah, causing the little giraffe to laugh and giggle. In a matter of minutes, the three had become good friends.


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