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Tutankhamen's Tomb

Tutankhamen's Tomb
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Of all the treasures found in Ancient Egypt, the sarcophagus or tomb. is by far the most fascinating. The coffins were adorned with magic formulas. coloured motifs and hieroglyphics that honoured and protected the deceased during its voyage to the hereafter. This model is a rendition of the most famous sarcophagus in history: Pharaoh Tutankhamen (King Tut). This young monarch was only seven years old when he acceded to the throne. He ruled from 1333 to 1323 BC and during this short period he worked to reestablish the traditional form of worship. His program included the restoration of sanctuaries, the reconstitution of priestly personnel and re- establishing statues to worship. Having died prematurely, possibly from a head wound, he left no heirs to replace him.

He was buried in a small tomb in the Valley of Kings surrounded by his lavish furnishings. Soon after the funeral, grave robbers tried twice unsuccessfully to steal the Pharaoh's treasures. Luckily, the necropolis guards were able to intervene in time and the tomb was once again sealed. Tragically, a landslide buried the entrance to the site and it would stay concealed for thousands of years until 1922. When a British archaeologist by the name of Howard Carter discovered it. After six seasons of fruitless excavations, just when Carter was about to abandon all hope, he found a stone step leading to the sealed entrance. The first room in which he penetrated consisted of an anti-chamber where numerous precious objects were piled. Among these treasures were thrones, ebony chests encrusted with ivory, gold jewellery, bronze trumpets, statues and chariots. Also, in the sepulchral chamber were three coffins. The one in which Tutankhamen rested was made with one ton of pure gold. The mummy's head was covered with an extraordinary massive gold funeral mask set with semiprecious stones.


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