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Tiffany Lamp

Tiffany Lamp
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History recognizes Louis Comfort Tiffany as one of the greatest painters, and Designers of American decorative art. Born in New York in 1848, the artist as the son of Charles Lewis Tiffany, founder of Tiffany & Co., the fabled jewelry retailer. Multi-talented and relentlessly creative, Louis Comfort Tiffany enjoyed a remarkable career. He made his most notable mark on the art scene by designing stained glass windows, lamps, mosaics and decorative fine jewelry. His work was exhibited worldwide. At the Universal Exposition of Paris in 1900, he earned several prizes, honors and international status. Louis Comfort Tiffany name the first Design Directory of Tiffany & Co. in 1902, he ran several interior design firms and decorative- art object companies.

Louis Comfort Tiffany’s innovations set the stained glass world on its ears. He came up with the brilliant idea of amalgamating the bits and pieces discarded during the production of his stained glass window to form beautiful decorative lamps. His unique collage of eclectic colors and technique, known today as Tiffany Glass, has yet to be equaled in the world of stained glass art. This lovely Tiffany table lamp, lavishly adorned with dragonflies, is an accurate reproduction of lamps Tiffany began production in 1899. At the time, his work, like that of most Art Nouveau artists, was heavily influenced by Japanese art in which nature was front and center. For instance, the dragonfly theme was inspired by an engraving on oriental wood. The lamp model was such a hit with the public that the studio began producing it in different sizes, colors and shapes. One never ceases to admire the opalescent lamp, and the sparkling colors created by the play of light and glass.


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