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Old Mill at Stoney Creek

Old Mill at Stoney Creek
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Welcome to Olde Bucks County, a quaint Pennsylvania township, as seen through the eyes of Charles Wysocki. Born in Detroit in 1928 this highly acclaimed painter achieved fame for his very personal renderings of Early American life. After completing his military service, Wysocki enrolled in the Art Center School of design in Los Angeles. He then began a career as a commercial artist in Detroit. But he soon abandoned it for the less competitive and more independent life of freelancing, and returned to California in 1957. Three years later, he discovered a painting style he could call his own. Upon visiting his fiancée’s parents for the first time, he literally fell in love with their lifestyle. He has drawn from this "art" of living to create his own art ever since - a simple, almost naive, manner of life inspired by the desire to live that way himself.

Olde Bucks County is among Wysocki's dearest visiting grounds. He travels there' every year and stays a few weeks, especially in the 'fall. The region fills his imagination with images and souvenirs that eventually weave their way onto the canvas. In this painting, Wysocki captures the final days of the harvest season typical of a Pennsylvania town of yore. The artist conveys the love of life of these Smoketown "country folk" with warm wit. Greta and Helga, both Tyrollean singers, yodel while preparing sausages. Millie, the tireless baker, puts every ounce of energy into kneading, the best bread in the state. In this charming little town, everyone possesses his own culinary talents, and homemade products always take center stage: lemon pie, apple cider, honey and jams. During this bountiful time of year, Olde Bucks County and its enchanting landscape are a treat to observe - and experience.


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