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A Street In Belgium

A Street In Belgium
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This puzzle is a delightful reproduction of the streets that are typical to Bruges. The city, which is located in the Western Flanders (Northwest) of Belgium, was nicknamed "The Venice of the North" because of the numerous canals crossing it. Whether you're drifting on the canals, strolling or cycling on the paved roads of the city, you can explore at your own pace its medieval architecture. The "House of gods" or Godshuizen, which were apartments that were built in the 17th and 18th century by the rich for the needy and elderly. Its 84 or so small bridges made of stone, the numerous museums and churches as well as the Market Place, where automobile circulation was abolished in 1996. The Saint-John's Hospital, that was built more than eight centuries ago, is one of the oldest still existing in Europe. It was turned into a museum and a congress & exhibition centre in 1978. So many wonderful sites consisting of a multitude of admirable traces of a glorious past. Thanks to its port that connects it to the North Sea, Bruges was one of the most important international exchange centers in northern Europe from the 13th to 15th century. A market regrouping up to 34 European nations, from England to Italy, passing by France, The Netherlands and Poland. This great wealth permitted the Bruges to erect magnificent buildings at the height of medieval times in praise their city. At the beginning of the century, after the decline of international tracing, Bruges slowly sank into extreme poverty. It is only at the beginning of the 19th century that Bruges gradually created an economic substitutive for itself. It went from an antique medieval merchant city to a modern tourist city, thanks to architectural heritage into which its ancestors had invested. Now instead of being forgotten, Bruges the prosperous lives very well because of its tourist trade. Whether it is a good or bad year, it attracts millions of people year round from all four corners of the world. Bruges is a city that is lovely to visit whatever the season, although summer is the most popular. All reasons are good for a visit: the innumerable pictorial masterpieces of the primitive Flemish, lovers on vacation, to purchase magnificent lace or to taste in situ, the "Blanche de Bruges", a famous Belgian beer that is appreciated throughout the world.


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